The English theatre at the Realschule am Rhein - von Erva, Klasse 5b


It was about a captain - Captain Crab -
and his best friend: Fisher.

They were on a long search for a lost treasure.


But there was a problem: there was another pirate that
wanted the treasure. Her hame was: Captain Seaman.

Captain Crab and Captain Seaman were sworn enemies.

Captain Crab loves singing and dancing.
But Captain Seaman took everything very serious, too serious. She also hates to
sing and dance.


Fisher on the other hand was a big fan of Shakira,
but she really wanted to see her familiy.
At the end they found out that captain Grab already found the treasure, but he forgot that.
So at the and everything was fine and they were happy and got back home.

All in all it was a great theater play with cool music and  fantastic actors!
I was lucky enough to go next to Fisher and had to hide the treasure map during the play.


 Fotos oben mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Theater@School - The English Touring Company


The audience